Friday, January 14, 2011

If roses can speak the words of my heart...They'd tell you...

When I was a little girl, I saw a rose being drawn starting with a heart/love symbol as the center of the flower. Then more petals were added around it one by one forming a complete rose.

Roses are always associated with love. That drawing was with no exception.

Beautifully drawn by Casper2598.
What was once a childish drawing is understood now. Only a perfect flower such as a rose fits to carry such strong meaning on its petals, that a heart shape drawn as the heart of a rose is no stroke or joke of an artist but is in fact innate to rose's natural form and beauty.

This is what I mean;
I found 'love' drawn on my SN Apricot Madness.
The side view.
Madly, deeply in love with apricot bloom.
The tree that is may be 8-9 feet high.
This rose stands wet weather well.
Opens into beautiful dense double petals.
There is a light scent.
Makes beautiful cut flower. The next round it flowers, I have a vase ready.
Dark green, slightly rugosed medium green leaves. Subject to seasonal blackspot.

Though can stand being wet, it needs securing during heavy storm for being too tall.
The tree that radiates a lot of love lately.
Bushy habit and suckering well. Good plant.
At times, to high to smell the roses.
A mixture of apricot, pink, peachy and yellow. 
The balance of colors altering as the petals age.
It ages into pale apricot, cream and and pink on hardened petals.
On the inside the petals are yellow.

Showing off stamens.
Top view from a window.

If roses could speak the words of my heart... 
They'd tell you... 

How much I love you.

Author and copyright of Rough Rosa


Bangchik said...

Roses.... very inspiring.

Autumn Belle said...

Your quote says it all. Your roses are gorgeous and I love them all!

ROUGH.ROSA said...

BangChik & Malar - Thanks for your nice words. I love Apricot Madness dearly as the flowers brighten my garden. Although it does have a problem with blackspot, I don't think I'll let go of this variety easily.