Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green apple in the garden?

A white rose (bunga ros putih) like no other! This is a white rose I personally recommend for any gardens. 

I wish I had grown an apple tree in my garden for its delicious fruits. But for flowers, all my nickels and dimes go to Green Apple! Know more about the habits of this remarkable rose.

I bought this on 15 March 2010. A good plant to begin with. Height is around 1.5 ft.
This is the tree now.
I lost 3 months of growth due to thrips infestation in August last year.
This rose is remarkable resistant as it took 2-3 months before it too catch on thrips.
Unlike some roses, the flower size does not reduce.
It is the same size as when it was purchased. 
The bloom production is prolific once the plant established itself.
This tree has never ceased blooming since it got better from thrips.
Not once I've seen no blooms on it. It holds the repeat-flowering quality to its best.
It has short pointed bud that opens to pure white with very light fragrant.
The flowers are usually borne one to a stem.
Queen Zubaida, pink old-fashioned blooms with Green Apple in the foreground.
I have 4 white roses in my garden. Green Apple performs the best.
Lemon Sonata is in the foreground.
The form holds so well over days that this rose is ideal for cut flowers indoors.
It grows about 3-3.5 ft tall with upright habit.
Great as hedges or borders.
I am planning to add more of this rose and plant them as borders.
It will be a great project and definitely a great outcome.
It has the classic large-flowered form and the outer petals curl back when fully open.
Ruffled edges add to the signature.
Its beauty lies in its wonderfully constructed flowers,
with a hint of apple-green on the edges.
Stands wet weather pretty well. Can lasts days in the garden with minor damage.
Flat on the side.
The plant is furnished with extremely healthy semi-glossy, dark green foliage.
I believe this rose is imported from China.
Easy to care and flowers profusely.
A beauty not to be missed in any gardens.
Author and copyright of Rough Rosa.


One said...

It's beautiful. Good to know it is a strong plant and overcame the infestation quite easily.

Malar said...

This species must be in my garden to survive!
Those are really pretty flowers!

Passionate Blogger said...

Wah.... so beautiful! How do you keep your neighbours from asking for a stem or 2?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

You have many beautiful collection of roses growing in your garden. I am looking for a climbing rose this autumn for my garden arch. If you like too, you are most welcome to join "Seed Week".

AaronVFT said...

It's such a beautiful bloom!! I envy your huge collection of roses. I still have yet to achieve your level of success.

Shida said...

nak beli jugak nanti!

mania said...

beautiful !!!

ROUGH.ROSA said...

@One I've grown 50 over roses and this really has a special place in my heart as it's beautiful and importantly, very disease resistant.

@Malar I believe everyone can grow roses, no matter how good or bad they think they are, or whether they have failed or succeeded. I remember someone famous in rose society has said that those roses grown wildly and carefree in cemetery with no one's caring but still growing beautifully and huge nonetheless; even dead people can grow roses... :)

@Passionate blogger not all my neighbors love to garden so I am somewhat don't have that requests, but I do hv people who email me to ask for a cutting or two, and other rose hobbyists who love to exchange cuttings.

@Malay-Kadazan girl Thanks for the offer, I think I missed on checking that out in ur blog. I hope u hv found the climbing rose. I am looking for 1 too, in fact ordered but yet received.. haaa..what a long wait!

@Aaron saw ur new good looking blog. Try and try again they say and success will come follow thru. I hope to post more info which will guide many on planting and caring for roses. Bear in mind growing roses is easy if we know how.

@shida Buy it! It's worth it. In fact I had purchase additional 6 for the border's project.

@Mania thanks for stopping by my blog and I had the chance to visit urs... beautiful and a great blog u got there. Nice to hv u as a new reader & friend.

SweetRosa said...

Wow! amazing. The flower is big and looks healthy. Thanks Rough for sharing it with us and also for the cutting (Kampung Magenta) that you gave me last time. It has grown up but yet to bloom. Am now collecting few species which I don't know the name but love to see it's bloom.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Sweet Rosa - U'r welcome! Great to know u're collecting few other varieties as well. This will give u the chance to appreciate the differences and learn the habits of each and make you a better gardener. All the best to u!