Friday, August 13, 2010

Ku tanam pokok bunga, bunga mawar namanya...

It's a kindergarten song but I remember learning it in primary school. I can't recall what year or Standard (Grade) it was. My 5 years-old daughter took fond of Ku Tanam Pokok Bunga when she heard me sang.

Ku tanam pokok bunga,
Bunga mawar namanya,
Ku siram dan ku baja,
Lama-lama besar jadinya,

Ku petik bunga mawar,
Ku letak di kepala,
Ku jalan sini sana,
Harum wangi baunya.

A song for my roses, a poetry for my soul:

I made a little song about the rose
And sang it for the rose to hear,
Nor ever marked until the music's close
A lily that was listening near.

The red red rose flushed redder with delight,
And like a queen her head she raised.
The white white lily blanched a paler white,
For anger that she was not praised.

Turning I left the rose unto her pride,
The lily to her enviousness,
And soon upon the grassy ground espied
A daisy all companion-less.

Doubtless no flattered flower is this, I deemed;
And not so graciously it grew
As rose or lily: but me thought it seemed
More thankful for the sun and dew.

William Watson, 1858-1935. An English poet (Yorkshire)

The red red rose, my SN Almost Lover:

Others showcasing their blooms after a long pause:

SN Ms. Eye Candy. Picture taken at 12 pm.
At 5pm, the ruby red took over entire bloom. 

SN Sweet Serenade.
Smell as strong and sweet as ros kampong but citrus.
A trait I forgot, until today.

 Greeted again by this tomato-red rose, SN Jingga Irisa.
Petal is hard and bloom is lasting.
Will be greeted by this few more days to come.

SN Ms. Eye Candy on side view. Flushed redder under the heat.

SN Lady Liberty
Sweet blend of soft pink with pale orange center.
Yet in its perfect form. The tree could use a lot of love (and fertilizers).

SN Rough Jewel
Last, red miniature in hanging pot, mainly still setting buds. Ready when they are ready.


Bangchik said...

Something kakdah will always do whenever a rose comes her way.., she will hold it, cup it, bring herself closer to smell and simultaneously exclaim "wanginya.......".

AaronVFT said...

Beautiful roses!

Stephanie said...

The last pic of your miniature rose reminded me of my own. I have one that's with the same colour. I wish mine grow some flower buds for me soon. Earlier the plant was drowned by the rain. I repotted the plant and now it is growing back ;-)

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Bangchik.. haha.. When it comes to roses, everyone has the same 'action' and 'script'. Those who smell, are truly enjoying life, living in the moment, and perhaps most important is unintentionally add years extra to his/her life span. Long live kak dah!

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Thanks Aaron, hope yours are as great as ever too!

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Kudos Steph for replanting it! Since it's growing back I think the plant will do just fine. May be you may want to add a bit of perlite or extra sand the next time you add new soil to it to help with the aeration. Yeah potted mini in tiny pot, the soil can get pretty cramp and compacted sometimes. Good luck!