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Light pink ros kampung: Pergola or no pergola?

Q: Do you know the name of this rose? I bought this rose in Feb 2010 when it was less than 1 ft tall and now it is almost 4 ft tall. The stems are thin and soft and I have supported them with sticks. Since it grows so fast, should I make a pergola or arch to support it? Do you have suggestions as to grow this rose plant? Thanks.

A close up look. 2 - 2.5 inch blown bloom.
A: I have yet found the ID of this rose. However, it is commonly known as light pink ros kampung since it exhibits the same growth habits of a ros kampung - pliable stems, very fragrant flowers, etc.

This rose in my garden is a toddler. And yes, it grows very fast, double the rate of its hybrid counterparts within months of growing. Since it's just a toddler, I don't quite have an experience with this rose.

Maroon ros kampong

Let me advice you based on my experience with my deep pink/maroon ros kampong instead.

It has been with me for about 2 1/2 years. It is 5 ft tall now but had reached 6 1/2 ft once (with support). Though it's height is dependent on support it receives, my rose grows exponentially in width lately instead of in height; a sign that this plant may have already reached its maximum height. But this is inconclusive for a lot of reasons.

Pergola or no pergola?
Maroon ros kampong.

Pergola may be too early to commit to.

My suggestion is for you to remain using bamboo sticks for the time being for reasons that they are easier for you to control and shape the bush.

Occasionally, you may need spraying your bush. Having the rose too tall may pose a difficulty.

There are bamboo sticks that extend more than 7 ft; which currently I am using.

A modest bush after a week ago pruning.

Should there be a need for taller sticks later on, a decorative pillar may be a good alternative.

Trellis is an excellent choice too (I am using a trellis for one of my roses) as they can be easily installed and dismantled.

Later, you can transfer your rose to a pergola if you want to, once the rose has established or reached your preferred height.

If you prefer to experiment planting it with a pergola and nurture it higher then I would suggest you plant it on ground for maximum and deep rooting. In pots, most likely it remains midget and would not be able to climb higher.

Below photo: A picture of a maroon ros kampong taken sometime ago. The bush is approximately 7 ft tall and 6-7ft wide.

Planted wildly and in its natural state. The bush is wide with no support.

NOTE: Anyone who has knowledge on IDs of these roses, please let me know. I also appreciate if you could let me know your experience in growing any of these. Thanks in advance.

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AaronVFT said...

What a gorgeous rose! I think you should make a pergola!

SF said...

Eh! This post looks familiar \(^o^)/! The maroon Kampung Ros is beautiful too! I've bought my pink kg ros from Lot 57 but didn't see the maroon one there.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi Aaron, it seems to me that many are culturally bound to Bali/kampong style that pergolas become our all-time favorite for choices on garden setting. In western countries, they have arches, trellis, pillars, and arbours, and few other choice in making garden look more interesting. Pergolas are beautiful and representative of our culture, which we should be proud of. However, for this rose, based on its growth habit, I think an obelisk would be a fantastic choice.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi SF, thanks for inspiring me to write and explain it. I hope many would benefit from it as well.
For maroon ros kampong, I suggest you head on and ask a cutting from one of us. It's so silly to buy it when it is so easy to propagate. And as you know this type of rose grows fast! Even I have an extra tree should you consider picking up one free from me.

SF said...

Hi Rough,

I didn't realise you have left the last comment then. Thanks so much! Would love to have the maroon kg rose if you still have the plant with you. Otherwise, I am more than happy for any rose cuttings.