Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday in Frames

Finally, this week ends with some blooms in the garden. 

It has been two busy months since I last saw my roses bloomed. I have been dis-budding them off before they even get to unfurl pretty petals.

TIPS: A practice I do to keep thrips at bay and maintain less spraying when I don't have much time to tend to my garden.

Now that I got the time, it's time to enjoy my roses again. So, I let the buds mature and do their best work of art. Though not many of my roses kick off to generous blooms this week (since I've just pruned most of my roses last week) but those that bloom present much awaited beauties nevertheless.

This is the blessings I count this week.

This rose is what I called SN Coral Coraline (probable IDs are either Blessings or Queen Elizabeth, I am still figuring out and finding more clues on to what rose this really is). For now, SN Coral Coraline.
(Note: SN stands for study name)
It's sweetly scented, coral-pink, urn-shaped flower that when it opens flat revealing the golden stamens.
I currently place SN Coral Coraline as my no. 1 rose in the garden. 
I love it because of the flower size (huge!) and that it is also generous with flowers.

Another recent favorite is this:
I am still working on the ID of this rose. For now I called it SN Ms. Eye Candy.
The color is deep pink and blended (that is one color merges into another toward the petal edge)
and the color grows intense under heat. 
Since the plant has grown more new canes this year.
I could see that there is a progress in the number of blooms it produces per cycle.
This time around I have about 5-6 blooms per plant of 2ft tall, instead of previously only 2-3 blooms.

Author and copyright of : Rough Rosa
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AaronVFT said...

Lovely roses! Blessing is really beautiful, and I love huge roses! Mine is producing a bazillion buds too, after shifting it somewhere hot and bright!

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Aaron, I can't wait to see the pics of your rose!!

I am sure you are very happy knowing that your roses are not just in great recovery but will soon provide you with gazillion of gorgeous blooms.

Autumn Belle said...

I just fell in love with Blessings which has a sucha a beautiful shade and it is so very gorgeous.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi Autumn Belle! Yes, it's such a great rose and I can't get enough of it myself. It is a very easy rose to care and it performs well in the garden too.

waliz said...

hi rosa, glad to see so mant type of roses here..its really a beauty..but like others i can just see it fro far..i have fw pots but after sometimes it just dies away..u r lucky to have this talent!

Stephanie said...

Hello Rosa Sifu! These are so pretty. Love the soft colours and I am sure the scent is really good. Count your 'blessings' :-D

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi Waliz, thanks for stopping by. U'll be interested to know that talent has nothing to with this. I think I fail with most other plants. With roses, i just fell in love with them and I found that educating myself is the only key to get closer.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Thanks Steph! Unfortunately, scent is very light, almost to none even on hot sunny day... :( I guess you have to trade something off for beauty sometimes.