Thursday, December 30, 2010

A bouquet for a day - 2

Bunga mawarku basah lagi! We had a thunderstorm yesterday. 5 minutes before the pour, I took the pruner and headed out to cut whatever blooms I have in the garden, especially the ones blooming full. TIP 1: These aged blooms won't last. Bring them indoors can extend their lives.

TIP 2: I too made sure my roses were secured from heavy wind. I had pots and branches broken before. Normally, tying the canes to a support or fence helps to avoid these devastating incidents. 

Saving the blooms

What were saved - my SN Almost Lover and the SN Jingga Irisa blooms. Some blooms were already in full blown (kembang masak) and rain can destroy the petals in seconds.

SN Jingga Irisa

SN Almost Lover
So, again, what a nice bouquet for a day...

A bouquet of roses, in Bahasa Malaysia is "Jambangan bunga ros / jambangan bunga mawar"

Hybrid tea is always considered for cut roses. I shouldn't overlook floribunda and other spray roses the next time I do a bouquet and get creative with colors, foliages and vases.

Warm water half in vase.
I failed to get rid of leaves that shouldn't be underwater and remove the thorns.
Simple arrangement like this need not me spending 30 minutes to snap off the thorns.
Anyhow, the thorns stabilize the stems in the vase and reduce stem injury where bacteria can enter/multiply.

Once in a while, it's refreshing to enjoy roses indoor.

By adding the pill or the cut flower/foral preservative (Penahan Keratan Bunga),
the blooms although aged; can last up to 3 days before petals begin to drop.
For me, professional preservative always gives the best result compared to home-made.

Last but not least - Happy New Year! to all my readers out there. May you have lots of blooms in your garden too.

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milka said...

Wahai cantiknya... i always feel very 'sayang' to cut the roses when they bloom, just leave them until they die off.

Happy New Year sifu!!

pipoq said...

cantiknya..alhamdulillah pokok bunga ros yang haritu dah macam nak layu rupanya dia baru nak menyesuaikan diri kat rumah ni..sekarang ni daun dah menghijau semula..cuma belum keluar putik je..

areen said...

wah sifu.. akhirnya jadi gubahan jugak

Malar said...

I seldom have enough roses to use as cut flowers! Your roses are really lovely!

ROUGH.ROSA said...

milka@ me too, I love them on the trees, but again I can't fight with nature... either leave them to the nasty rain or cut them and hv them around few more days...

pipoq@bagus laaa... itu yg nak dengar.. sebenarnye mudah aje tanam ros nie kalau tahu caranya... :)

areen@ kahkahkah... apa nak buat..sayang punya pasal...

malar@ thanks.. u will hv someday many blooms.. trust me..! I never thought I would hv... I never thought roses could grow so well in my garden.. and look... All we need is a bit of faith in them.

SweetRosa said...