Saturday, April 10, 2010

My first rose plant revisited

Roses have this super power of captivating you in a certain way which you can’t never quite explain. That makes you return to the racks; where the shop displays them, so you grab a pot of the healthiest looking, full of blooms at their best and many more buds of promises of even greater and more blooms. I was completely under hypnosis. I bought my first rose plant while I was shopping for a furniture. Go figure!

Roses. They smell intoxicating when you stick your nose in. They blind you with their exotic colors and perfect form. They simply make you a special person by just owning them. Well, at least that was what I felt when I grabbed my first pot.

Never a gardener but plant serial killer

Back then, I was not a gardener. What I had for a plant is the idea of having a plant. I had a cactus as I recalled, but even then, I almost killed it few times if not for my husband who seemed to care for it better than I did.

When I purchased my first rose, my aim was simple, that was to have roses in my garden, that's all. But never I imagined that it changed me in a way I never have expected. It was not my gardening skills that was changed but it was my attitude!

It taught me to remain positive and never give-up.
It taught me to respect and love plants just like any other living things.

My first rose plant was a striped rose, a miniature which I purchased from IKEA. It only survived 3 weeks under my care.

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