Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to care for your 1st rose plant

My first rose plant died after 3 weeks under my TLC. At first I thought may be because I don't have green thumbs but that didn't account the involvement of my husband who is a better gardener. The leaves turned yellowish and the canes blacken. Soon, it died. So, what went wrong?

My first rose plant died because neither my husband nor I have the right knowledge in caring for it for the first few weeks after I brought it home

Many of us forgotten that a plant is simply a living thing, much the same as if you bring a puppy home. When you bring a puppy home, you study the many things that are required for its survival and subsequently, prepare for its arrival. You learn about what it eats and when, where it sleeps, when to bathe it and how, and so on so forth.

As a plant may be easily replaceable, we often pay less attention to details pertaining to its survival for the first few weeks in our home. We often lured by its beauty that we urge ourselves to own it at once but fail to own the responsibility of caring for it for the next few important days of its life.

TIP: It's vital to know how to care for a plant during its first 3 weeks in our home.

So, I kept on buying new roses to replace the ones that died, but soon after they too followed the same footstep. Each and every time I had new ones, I blindly tried new methods of caring in hope that one method would eventually work.

After countless trials and painfully watching my roses died again and again, I began to understand one simple thing. That one thing was to begin fresh with just understanding the basics. Once I did that, my roses thrived.

My mistakes
  1. I didn't know where my roses came from. The treatment would have been different to ease the shock and stress due to change of environment.
  2. I didn't study the location where I placed my roses to ensure adequate sunlight and at the same time protected it from being too stressful under the intense Malaysia sunlight.
  3. I didn’t know when to water, how much to water and how to water such a young plant.
  4. I didn’t know when to fertilize and how much to fertilize.
TIP: Roses are plants too! Learn their 3 basic needs - water, nutrition/fertilizer and sunlight.

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