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FLORIA 2011: Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2011

Can you believe it's May already? What's good in May besides celebrating Mother's Day? Well, we got to see more roses blooming since rain is less and sun is more.

Roses may bloom aplenty in May but roses are for forever, aren't they?

Floria 2011

I would like to share with you the upcoming event, a flower and garden festival to be held in July in Putrajaya, Malaysia. 

Themed “Roses Are Forever”, FLORIA 2011 will be showcasing the biggest collection of Roses in full bloom in an outdoor and indoor theme garden display.

Sneak peeks to what's in store

Apart from displays of thousands of flowers, visitors will get to see decorative boats of fresh flowers set sail along the Putrajaya Lake in Night Floral Parade.

This night parade is conducted by Tourism Malaysia, inspired by Malaysia's successes winning 5 prestigious awards in Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade in USA. In 1993, the nation’s entry won the most coveted prize, the Sweepstake Trophy at the 104th tournament. (Source: Tourism Ramblings)

Of course, there will be many different kinds of roses available for sale from the participating nurseries. 

What's not to be missed, I heard there will be plenty of new varieties coming down all the way from Thailand!

This the time to feast your eyes, check out on new varieties and see what's new with roses. Hope you've marked the date and join in the excitement.

Click on image to visit the official website.
'Roses are for forever' is 'bunga mawar untuk selamanya' in Bahasa Malaysia.
'Flo' is short for flora and 'ria' is a Bahasa Malaysia word meaning joyful.

How to find your way to this event : How to go to Floria 2011

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