Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm walkin' on sunshine, woh-oh... and don't it feel good?

View 3 new roses from the yellow range and of different classes  - a shrub, a miniflora and a hybrid tea. The color varies with first being lemon yellow, second golden yellow and third yellow blend.

Finally, sunshine in the garden!

Happy - that's all I can say when my husband brought home three new rose plants as a surprise present. 

SN Lemon Sonata

Soft yellow but lemon at center and rims. 

The bloom doesn't open fast but it's worth the wait. 

It is rather nice to have the bloom half-opened (above) but already a new shoot emerges from a bud eye just below the flower neck. 

This could mean the bloom is long lasting and the flowering cycle is short - good traits!

It has been 5 days since my husband bought this rose. Above is the picture of the bloom at the time of purchase.

Below is the picture of the bloom today. It doesn't age much and seems to linger longer, indicating good long-lasting quality. The bloom seems weatherproof and believe me, we receive no ordinary rain showers these few days but massive raindrop attacks!

The bloom finishes in light yellow. The gradual fade in color adds another layer of interest to this neat yellow rose. 

It's magnificent bright lemon color, long lasting quality and quick to sprout make this rose a good pick for me. Well done hubby!

SN Sunny Minuette

It's finally sunny this rainy season with the arrival of these brilliant golden yellow blossoms. Especially when this yellow is non-fading.

Though minis are not my cup of tea as I prefer large-flower roses; this rose is a gift, so I am keeping it. Apart from looking healthy with lushes of dark green foliage, I have not much say about this miniflora. I hope it proves to be a deserving mini.

SN December Sun

This rose will surely be a standout in the garden. The yellow is looking sweet with tinged of pink on petal edges. I think a little heat will intensify the color so I can't wait for the crying clouds that have been here long to pass.

The color is soft yellow but slowly fades to cream as the bloom opens. The cherry pink on edges is spreading wildly and deepen with age and sunshine. The plant is nice and vigorous looking with healthy medium green foliage.

Currently, the bloom is only 2.5 inches in diameter. I wonder if this improves as the tree matures...

The old, one, and only yellow rose...

There has been only one yellow rose in my garden, faithfully blooming for more than 3 years now. It's my shining prize-rose, the Gold Medal.

Though its blooms fade as they age, the tinged gold petals on Gold Medal are this rose best attribute.

Now I'm walking on sunshine.. woh-oh, and don't it feel GOOD?

Note: SN stands for 'study name'. All the names above are given for study purposes.

Author and copyright of Rough Rosa.


AaronVFT said...

Love all those gorgeous blooms! My roses keeps getting attacked by aphids!!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

This is a very interesting variety of rose with different yellow tones on a bloom.

Autumn Belle said...

The roses are lovely! Happy Holidays, my dear sifu!

ROUGH.ROSA said...

@Aaron, hang in there! Keep most of the foliage on, they help to make the tree stronger and in time better off in fending those pests.

@Malay-kadazan girl, I hope they fair well in my garden. Well, we'll see...

@Autumn Belle, Happy Holidays to u too and of course Happy New Year!