Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday in Frames: Today's harvest

Garden harvests. Inedible but enough to make me sing a happy tune this week.

A happy melody is fitting to accompany this week's pictures. I am much more happy now knowing that most of my roses are in their recovery stage after last few months of neglect due an illness of one of my family members.

SN Coral Coraline 
The flower shows a recovery in size after its soil was amended last 2 weeks.
The leaves are greener, darker, thicker and bigger than usual.
I think rain has helped too with the turgidity.
The sun seems doesn't mind the bloom as well.
The bloom blushes without any hint of sun burnt.

Grandiflora, pink, 38-40 petals. Average diameter 4".
The bloom has lived up to its reputation in my garden.
So, I am very happy with this.
I think this should be in anyone's garden.
The bloom is still however borne solitary. I have not yet seen it in clusters.
This shall be the next thing I want to see.
SN Rough Jewel. My mini in hanging pot.
The flower is tiny but plenty to have.
The good thing about this rose is no deadheading is required.
It knows how to clean after itself. 
SN Queen Zubaida
The current favorite since it smells so fragrant.
Much more fragrant than the well-known damask-like ros kampong.
This one is like smelling rose oil or rose water from the bottle.
Current bloom, side view. About 3 inch open flat.
This picture was taken sometime ago.
But to just show you how this flower looks from the front.
This has yet bloom in full.
Bloom in full.
The petals arranged in distinct portions, the shape is known as quartered rosette.
Hope you enjoy.

Author and copyright of Rough Rosa


Autumn Belle said...

Woohoo, watching your lovely, gorgeous roses is very therapeutic, like I'm going to spa! Yay, yay, yay...

catharine Howard said...

Fab roses. I am looking at them from rainy England and envying you - our blooms have been dashed to the ground by the weather.

AaronVFT said...

Your roses are just so beautiful!

Bangchik said...

Roses are beautiful to look at, smell nice too.... I wish we have more roses in the garden. ~bangchik

waliz said...

do i need to say more..all the above comments have said it all..but rosa your roses are definitely gorgoeus and words cant describe it well..i'm envying u..i have so many plants but not a single rose plant! used to have one or two but i give up! i just admire it from far tht will be enough for me..:)

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Autumn Belle,thanks. Haha.. seems both of us can save a lot of money on spa..

Hi Catharine, thanks for visiting. I am sorry to hear bout your roses. Weather can be nasty one time and kind the other. I hope the weather changes soon. Anyway, u have a nice blog. I am visiting new places by just reading some of your posts.

Aaron, thanks.. how's your roses doing? Think the last cycle just ended, it's time for them to budding again, aight?

Bangchik... I am sure kak dah would agree..:)

Waliz, thanks. If I may suggest, there is a rose that flower profusely, requires less maintenance & thorn-less, which I think would suit your garden just fine.

James Missier said...

I thought roses are edible especially rose kampong.
Unless they are not sprayed with pesticide.