Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is your rose ‘attitude’?

I love comments and opinions made on roses, no matter what they are. They give me the lowdown on how Malaysians in general view roses and how the world of roses here is defined.

What translates from an opinion always is the belief or attitude of the person that owns the opinion.

After having a rough week (my 5 years old daughter had injured her elbow on Thursday after accidently hit a chair and later sprained her ankle on Saturday when she stepped on her shoes and attempted twirling. *sigh*) I wish to be on lighter mood this week. 

So for this post, I’ve listed below the thing that fascinates me the most about roses in Malaysia – our attitudes on roses.

The list may not be perfect but I definitely had fun discovering and thinking about these attitudes and writing them down.

Hope you enjoy reading and will share with me your rose ‘attitude’ too…

Describe roses in 3 cynical words - common, classic and cliché.  You see no uniqueness in liking roses.
Roses on the fence
On neutral ground with no specific viewpoints on roses whatsoever.
Florist friends
You fancy roses’ beauty, form and fragrance. Love if given a bouquet from loved ones. Worship what roses represent.
Secretly enjoy looking at roses be it in nurseries, supermarkets or even on tea cups! You probably love the style of English Garden. You dream of growing but admit no roses can survive under your care.
Roses in the dark
In total blindness. You believe for a factual that roses can only be grown in western countries of cooler climate. Roses successfully grown in Malaysia; in your garden, are fictitious and impossible.
Cameron critics
You believe roses can be grown only at cooler areas in Malaysia such as Cameron Highland or other hilly places. Roses from Cameron Highland will not survive when brought down hill. You advocate others not to buy roses from Cameron as such will waste time, money and effort.
Kampong kindred
You know that roses can grow in Malaysia. In fact, you have one that grows in your garden. A ros kampong (old garden rose) that is. What you don’t know is there are other types of roses that can be grown in your garden too.
Kampong solo
You choose to grow only ros kampongs because of their well-known beauty, proven easy-to-care quality and generous fragrance. You don’t want to commit to the fussiness of growing other types.
Roses on break
You have a rose growing in your garden and it is not a ros kampong. You don’t intend to add or grow more roses. At times, you don’t even remember that you have a rose since it flowers so little or none at all. You are quite relaxed and so does your rose.
You bought roses but they died within few short weeks. You regretted spending money for plants that don’t last and decided not to try again.
Attacks from pests and diseases make growing roses dreading. You too are disappointed with your roses that don’t look as healthy as when you bought them. You decided you’re done with these beauties.
You started out having successfully grown few roses but since then, you’re hooked. You can’t stop adding new roses into your collection whenever you see new ones. You keep growing roses and perfecting your skills.  You are a living proof that roses can grow well in Malaysia. You are a rare species!

So, what is your rose ‘attitude’?

Don’t be shy. Share with me your rose 'attitude' by participating in the poll below. The poll is not tracked so don’t worry. Click ‘result’ to view what others have voted.

Author: Rough Rosa
Copyright of Rough Rosa 


AaronVFT said...

I would love to grow lots of roses, if my parents who are Cameron critics allow!

Stephanie said...

I hope your daughter will get well soon. I am kampung kindred and a fantastist he he...

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Aaron, you are a cool kid and a good one too, u know that?
Stephanie, thank you. I couldn't stop her from jumping and climbing as usual. But I guess, one way or another, she's alright. And yes, kampongs are way to go. Should be proud of our rose heritage.

Autumn Belle said...

I am basically a kampung kindred and I believe that most roses grow well only in cooler climates. However, I do believe that there are also some beautiful roses that can survive in the lowlands, only that I haven't the time to find out how and what. Well, my grandma had done that before but she has already gone away to a far faraway place that I cannot reach. I will buy and grow if I like a certain rose.

My get well soon wishes to your daughter.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Autumn Belle. You are right! To me, it is not the matter of rose survival but choosing right roses.

We are long bombarded with highland roses that are not meant for our flat land gardens. Overtime we simply succumb to the belief that roses simply can't grow well.

This is what I wish to advocate, simply to change the belief. Your grandma was a wise women.

Ann Flowers said...

Wow. So much thought into flowers :) I wouldn’t have thought it possible

James Missier said...

To begin with I only enjoy roses which I buy from the florist - usually you can get a good price for 2 dozen - RM12 - RM10.
They last about a week and of course I end up using the petals for pressed flowers or potpourri.
On rare occasion, I even manage to grow on these cut roses. But again - roses are unpredictable.

Have you ever got your rose plant suddenly die without any reason? Another thing about roses are their nasty thorns. Something that you must always be careful of.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by. I was trying to find ways to understand roses myself. Never thought I could come up with something concrete but eventually, I came to realize that others ought to know this. Roses would be much simpler when defined.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi James, good to see you again!
Wow! That's really a good bargain. I manage to get RM2 per stalk but I don't buy many anyway. And I am happy to hear that you manage to propagate using cut roses. This is the first I heard it's successfully being done. I've tried few times but couldn't manage to grow any for various reasons (wrong cut roses, neglect, etc.. haha). But I am determine to do more experiments. I always believe it can be done and now you prove me right and gave me more reasons to try harder!

I don't seem to experience roses died without any reason. In my early growing days my roses died due to lack of sunshine, over watering or over fertilized.

Nasty thorns? Only just I got pricked and scratched but still so stubborn on wearing gloves. I don't know, I guess I always love to just get dirty..