Friday, April 23, 2010

How does Blue Moon Rose fair in my garden

Blue moon rose is a popular hybrid tea producing beautiful, large, lilac, blue blooms. This rose is widely known by many to be one of the earliest and most successful ‘blue roses’ around. It has won awards and many hearts since its introduction in 1964.

My take on growing this rose in my garden:


It’s tall, upright and vigorous. It has a strong growth with good resistance to common diseases. I don't have to worry much about blackspot and thrips infestation when it comes to this rose.

Since the tree is a fast grower and disease resistant, less time and effort are needed to nurture it into a stronger shrub and this means, more time to enjoy the blooms. In my garden, I consider it as one of the easy growing varieties and a must buy for anyone who would want to start growing roses.

Many people may dislike the washed-out appearance of the bloom but I personally like the presence of pale ‘blue’ lilac blooms in my garden as it helps to tone down the wild domineering reds and yellows that I mostly have in the garden. Its large flowers do make its presence special.

It has longer stems that are excellent for cutting single flowers.


The petals are thin and delicate; therefore these lilac blooms are not so long lasting outdoors. Under dry condition, the blooms can last up to 3-4 days.

In our climate where noon’s heat can sometimes get pretty intense, petal tips can turn crispy and burnt. They too can fall off and easily damaged under the maddening rain when monsoon visits. The blooms however are excellent indoors as cut flowers.

The leaves tips can get burnt pretty easily too under the hot blazing sun, so watering has to be a lot more frequent on hot days for this tree.

Rose Rating Scale: Good

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